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BRA exists to assist medical facilities and organizations in recovery of lost revenue. Unresolved patient accounts cost hospitals millions of dollars annually. We offer resolution for denied managed care claims and coverage verificiation that ensures enhanced profitability.
BRA coordinates all aspects of the appeal and grievance process to ensure compliance with medical necessity criteria, Corporate Medical Policy (CMP), member, and provide contract provisions, state and federal requirements and NCQA Standards, as applicable.
With the nature of the work, we are able to identify trends and high risks, and make recommendations to help facilities recognize specific issues that are causing problems.
Our work is done completely off site as to not interfere with the facilities ability to provide quality care to your patients.

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We are relentless in our pursuit for answers regarding the basis of a denied claim and providing information which leads to the reversal of the decision. Each claim will receive personalized attention including contacts with the insurance carriers and providers; investigation, resolution and submittal of disputed claims; assistance with any type of commercial or managed care insurance denial for reasons including pre-existing condition, medical necessity, failure to file timely claims and appeals, pre-certification error and lapsed COBRA coverage. Also available are individually tailored claim status reports meeting your reporting needs.
Medical facilities lose millions of dollars annually in denied managed care claims, revenue that can potentially be reclaimed. We offer a solution that requires minimal assistance from employees. We are able to navigate the complexities of contracts and underpayments that may otherwise be written off by the facility. We direct our labor to current account receivables in order to ensure timely turnover of claims, prior to being written off and in return the facility reimburses us a market-competitive percentage of all recovered monies.
With the introduction of Obamacare and healthcare reform, medical facilities will be held to an even higher standard of care, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates will change. Private insurance companies are renegotiating contracts including stipulations, often difficult to comply. Re-allocate your resources to focus on delivering quality patient care and let us help navigate the contracts of managed care claims and ensure accounts are being reconsidered based on accurate information and processed correctly making certain the most precise payment issued.


Our analysts specialize in verifying coverage and service eligibility. When indicated, we will also obtain the necessary payment. Each account is fully documented with the retrieved information.
Our staff has had extensive careers in the health care industry. The experience is derived from employees with years of managed care knowledge. We also have a registered nurse on staff that brings firsthand experience and knowledge of the clinical aspects of claims. Combined we offer the understanding and know-how to completely interpret all the nuances of the industry. Therefore, we are able to effectively implement proven strategies to collect on lost revenue that can be recovered and applied directly to your bottom line.
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